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Thursday, July 31, 2014

CHANEL fall 2014 Couture

"Le Corbusier goes to Versailles!" Karl pronunced. 
"Modernity with baroque elements"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Abandoned: Namib desert by ELAINE LING

 "When I arrived, I found rows of utilitarian houses, sleeping in their bed of time, holding the secret of these images. Once left to the unhindered advances of the enormous linear sand dunes rolling back from the sea, the rooms began fillingn up with sand and the very familiar objects of daily living took on a surreal affect.
This place speaks of the intimate relationship between the forces of Nature and de man-made. Abandoned by man, these spaces have benn reclaimed by the wind and the sand, thus reuniting the exterior and the interior once more.
In this place's unrelenting sunlight and howling silence, I found somewhere that proclaims Nature as the final winner. Man's absence is only acknowledged by the endless pluse of the moving dunes"

Monday, July 28, 2014

INTERIORS, by Karen Ann Myers

"Estoy investigando la complejidad psicológica de las mujeres a través de observaciones íntimas en el dormitorio. La obra está inspirada en el culto a la belleza de los medios de comunicación contemporáneos. La intrincada pintura de la decoración interior, ha sido creada para excitar al espectador"


"I am researching the psychological complexity of women through intimate observations in the bedroom. The work is inspired by the cult of the beauty of contemporary media. The intricate interior decoration painting, has been created to excite the viewer"